I’m so glad you’re here

Born and raised in small town Kentucky, I was brought up appreciating the slow paced lifestyle that comes with fellowship, farming, porch sitting and late night coffee at the table. I savored in those small moments, the way my Mamaw looked when she laughed, her hands peeling potatoes, Dad’s facial expression when overlooking the herd and the constant changes of the fields, the way the sun moves and makes everything look different at any part of the day.

I truly believe there’s beauty all around us, if we just stop and be present to the moment. Picking up a camera was just second nature to me, and it started when I was little. I haven’t stopped since. I love storytelling, and I love visuals. Whatever brought you here, I’d be honored to take a look at what is you want photographed, and capture it in the beauty it is.

Feel free to holler at me in the contact section, just to say hi or ask a Q. Take note that I’m a mother and wife and I believe in being present and available to them as much (or actually more) than work. So give me 24-48hrs to reply.